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Live Demo: How to Build Winning Sales Plays

April 12, 2022 at 9 am PST
Too often, sellers are left to build their own playbooks for prospecting, discovery, and closing. And while some find a way to consistently win, the majority are left to settle for middling or flat-out bad results—leading to poor morale, high turnover rates, and lost revenue opportunities.

In this quick-hitting SalesHood demo webinar, our resident expert, Kathie Kobelski, will unlock the SalesHood vault to show you exactly how to build and activate winning sales plays that your entire team can execute every time they take the field.

You’ll learn:
- How to use pre-built templates that make good sales plays repeatable
- How bite-sized videos can help to drive buy-in and alignment across your team
-Why it’s critical to get leadership and SMEs from across your organization involved in pitch and messaging roll-outs
- How SalesHood can help your sellers optimize the discovery process and fill the pipe with more qualified deals

…and much more

This 30-minute live demonstration will open your eyes as to what’s possible with the right enablement technology. Save your seat today.
Kathie Kobelski Sr. Director, Solutions Consulting

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