Build Your Own Cardboard Playground With Makedo’s 360-Piece Toolset


Yes, your kids can make tons of things with cardboard and a roll of tape. Problem is, working with sticky tape can get pretty dirty, apart from making your cardboard difficult to reuse, so it’s not exactly the most ideal. The Makedo Cardboard Construction Toolset offers a cleaner way to build cardboard projects.

A DIY tool kit for building objects using cardboard, the set comes with everything you need to cut up cardboard into different shapes and connect them together using plastic “scrus.” Whether your kids want to build a cardboard fort, a cardboard spaceship, or a cardboard robot to guard their room, this thing will let you put them together in a way similar to building wooden structures using real-world tools.


The Makedo Cardboard Construction Toolset is a 360-piece kit made up of a cutting and piercing tool called the safe saw, 10 “scrudrivers,” 15 finger-mounted mini-tools that can drive screws and pierce holes, 225 screws, and 100 large screws. Screws are the primary fastening tool in the set, allowing kids to connect separate pieces of cardboard together the same way screws, nails, and bolts connect your materials in the workshop. Each screw can connect up to six layers of corrugated cardboard together, while a large screw can fasten up to six. According to the outfit, the larger screw is also ideal for integrating 3D-printed parts into your Makedo creations.

To start, use the saw to cut a sheet of cardboard into your desired shapes, whether it be a rectangular panel, a circle, or a four-bladed propeller. From there, use the pointed part of either the mini-tool or the saw to punch holes on the sections where you want to connect the pieces of cardboard together, then insert a screw onto the connecting holes and use one of the driving tools to fasten the cardboard pieces together. A small hole is all you need to properly drive the screws in, with each fastener going through in mere seconds, so there’s not a lot of elbow grease needed from your kids.


In case you’re wondering why there’s so many of the same tools (specifically, the screwdriver and the finger-mounted mini-tool) included in the Makedo Cardboard Construction Toolset, the idea is to make each building project a group affair, which should make the activity a whole lot more fun. Just gather up all the cardboard packaging, shoe boxes, and empty toilet paper trolls around the house to get the fun started.


For project ideas, there’s a gallery of construction projects available in the outfit’s website that parents and kids can browse through in order to find their next projects. From superhero helmets and robot costumes to airplanes and construction machines, there are plenty of cool projects there to inspire your newest creation. Yes, you can also upload your own creations through the same page on their website, so your kids can share their creations for the rest of the world to see.

The Makedo Cardboard Construction Toolset is available now.