Cargo Blu_Ray: Make-Up For High-Definition


Now that many homes are equipped with high-def television sets, flaws are just that much faster to notice. Those age lines on your favorite celebrity’s face are as easily discernible as they have ever been, thanks to the incredible detail full HD can deliver.

To support the need of those who’d rather cover up their imperfections on camera, Cargo came up with a new make-up line, specially-designed to make the wearer look good on 1080p displays. Borrowing from Sony’s popular recording format, they’re calling it the Blu_ray High-Definition Make-Up, with a string of products attached to the line.

This may be an appropriate time to blurt out “In before Sony sues their ass,” as I doubt the electronics giant will be all too jovial about a cosmetic company appropriating the name. Regardless of how long it stays called “Blu_Ray” (note the underscore, instead of a dash), the line is definitely an original marketing angle on what I assume are, otherwise, just regular, studio-quality, high-end make-up (based on the rather average prices).

Products included in the Blu_Ray-branded line consists of the High Definition Mattifier, Pressed Powder, Blush And Highlighter, Mascara and Lip Gloss. According to Cargo, the line is fast-becoming the standard choice for movie sets and TV studios, because of their “picture-perfect” quality that “looks perfectly natural,” an important requirement because HD video recordings easily amplify the appearance of heavy-handed makeup use.

The official site lists quotes from numerous working celebrity make-up artists though the star-power is a little lacking. At any rate, the Cargo Blu_Ray line of make-up products is an interesting way to take advantage of both new technology and people’s vanity. Brilliant, if I do say so myself.

[Cargo Blu_Ray via Oh Gizmo]